BidCactus Promo CodesLaunched in April of 2009, BidCactus ( is one of the premier penny auction sites on the internet. They pride themselves on their ability to combine the entertainment of a bidding atmosphere with the value shopping and savings that you deserve. BidCactus has been around since the beginning of the penny auction craze and is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a reputable online business.

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Starting with BidCactus
Before you can get in on the action, you must sign up and register for a free account. This gives you immediate access to the auctions you crave. Once you are registered, you can buy your bids and begin enjoying the action. One of the great features of this site is that you can send and receive gift certificates that you can use for the acquisition of bids. If you have someone send you a gift, you can start bidding without depositing any of your own money for bids.

BidCactus Bidding
Bidding is easy. Simply purchase the bid package you desire with a credit card and you instantly have the bids you need to start winning. You can purchase bid packages ranging from 30 bids up to 250. Bids cost $0.75 each. So if you use 10 bids to win an item for $2.00, you would actually be spending only $9.50 to win the auction (10 x $0.75 + $2). This can allow you to win very expensive items for only a small cost.

BidCactus Coupon Code

BidCactus Promo Codes and Coupon Codes
You can find some amazing opportunities at Regardless of your skill level, there are auctions out there for you to win. With their First Timer auctions that are restricted to only those that have never won an auction and their Beginners auctions for those that have won less than five career auctions, you are guaranteed to find some great auctions to match your skill level.

Besides just auctions, Bid Cactus has a top notch rewards program for their most loyal customers. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a whole slew of gift cards and other rewards for your loyalty to this site. On Saturdays, you can earn double the amount of regular points you would normally earn.

BidCactus only has brand new items up for auction, so you can be sure that the goods you win will be of the highest quality. Whether you want the hottest new technology or restaurant gift cards, BidCactus will have what you need.(Read More…)

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