BidRivals Promo CodesBid Rivals ( is one of the most reputable penny auction websites out there. With hundreds of auctions daily, Bid Rivals is a great resource for you to get the goods you want, at an astonishingly low price. With electronics and technology items such as digital cameras, gaming systems, and smart phones, you can get many expensive items for only a fraction of their total retail value. This is a great site for people looking for excitement, too. Penny auctions are competitive as well as a good deal for value shoppers. This site has saved their customers upward of $25 million since their inception.

Starting with BidRivals
Signing up for an account at BidRivals is incredibly easy and fast. By signing up, you are instantly able to bid upon hundreds of auctions. And by saving up to 95 percent or more of the item’s retail value, you are getting free access to pick and choose just how much money you will start saving.

BidRivals Bidding
Bidding is fun and exciting at Bid Rivals. Each bid costs $0.75, and you can buy as few as 50 bids or as many as 500 at one time. There are also many offers that allow you to earn free bids as well. You can purchase bids with a credit or debit card or with your PayPal account. With so many easy options to get bid packages, you can save yourself quite a bit of trouble when it comes to getting the savings you deserve.

BidRivals Promo Codes and Deals
First time bidders can purchase a bid package of 150 total bids and receive 100 extra bids for free. This is a great option that will help account for the learning curve that necessarily takes place when beginners start playing at penny auctions. Being a winning penny auction player is a tough skill to master and earning free bids is a great way for BidRivals to help out new bidders at their site.

You can always win the item that you wish with BidRivals “Buy Now” option. This discounts 100 percent of the value that the bids you place have created. If you really have your heart set on an item, this is a great option.

BidRivals always auctions off new items. You never need to worry about getting damaged or used goods with this site. Rest assured that when you win an auction that you will be getting your total money’s worth.

Free BidRivals Bids

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