HappyBidDay Promo CodesHappyBidDay (HappyBiddDay.com) is one of the internet’s best penny auction sites. Because they have so many opportunities and lower traffic, this is a great site for beginning penny auction goers. You will definitely find the competition that makes penny auctions fun, but you will also have many more opportunities to win the items you want to get good deals on. HappyBidDay has many different types of auctions for you to bid upon, ranging from the hottest technology and newest fads to silver bars to gift cards. If you are looking for unique items to bid upon, HappyBidDay is a great place to visit.

Starting with HappyBidDay
You get 50 free bids just for signing up at HappyBidDay. This is a great reward for something that only takes less than a minute. Once you sign up, you are able to start bidding instantly on the many auctions that this site has going simultaneously. With so many free bids up for grabs so easily, this site is a great introduction to the world of penny auctions for newbie players.

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HappyBidDay Bidding
When it’s time to bid, you will need to look at purchasing bids via credit card. HappyBidDay does give you many free bids for meeting different criteria, but you will want to make sure that you purchase enough bids to guarantee success. Bids purchased range from $0.50 up to $0.80 per bid depending upon the size package you purchase. The more bids you purchase at one time, the cheaper they will be. The minimum package gives you 50 bids while the maximum package is 1,000 bids.

HappyBidDay Promo Codes and Deals
If you have friends who are interested in finding the best deals out there, refer them to Happy Bid Day. When a friend registers because of you, you are awarded 30 free bids. This is a quick and painless way to augment your winnings.

HappyBidDay also has a rewards program for loyal customers. Whenever you buy more bids, you are given a number of free bids, plus they give you 100 free bids each year on your birthday. This is a unique feature amongst most other penny auction sites where earning free bids is a bit harder.

Occasionally, HappyBidDay throws 100 percent off auctions. With these auctions, you are only responsible for paying the per bid fee—the final winning price of the auction is completely waived. This is a great way to save even more money on superb products.(Read More…)

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