RagingBid ReviewRagingBid (Ragingbid.com) is one of the most reliable penny auction sites on the web. Thanks to their loyal customers, Raging Bid is more than just a simple place for penny auctions. They offer the full experience to each and every customer with great compensation packages as well as great products. With so many penny auction sites out there competing for your business, Raging Bid does their best to ensure that they stay your favorite place for penny auctions.

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Starting with RagingBid
It is completely free to sign up at Raging Bid. What’s more is that after you confirm your account, you will receive five free bids and a $25 gift certificate from a participating restaurant of your choice. With such great incentives for new customers, there’s no wonder why Raging Bid is one of the most frequented penny auctions on the internet.

RagingBid Bidding
Bidding is painless and extremely simple. Once you have purchased your bids, you can use them on any of the great products that Raging Bid offers through their penny auctions. Bid packages can be paid for with credit or debit cards or PayPal and they are instantly added to your account. This allows customers to start bidding within minutes of signing up. You can get as many as few as 25 bids or as many as 750 bids with one purchase. You can purchase bids for a flat fee of $0.70 per bid.

You can use the autobidder if for some reason you will not be around when your auctions are ending. This feature allows you to choose how many bids you want to use, when to use them, and at what price to stop the bidding at. This makes bidding even more convenient for you.

RagingBid Promo Codes and Deals
Raging Bid offers some of the best deals out there. With thousands of items to choose from, RagingBid is one of the biggest penny auction sites there are. The beginners’ auctions are the best way to start your bidding with this site. These allow new members and rookie bidders to get in on the action without worrying about going up against the pros.
Raging Bid Promo Code

Whether you are looking for a new HD television, gift certificates, or just more bids, you can find whatever you would like on the RagingBid site. They even have house ware items and athletic equipment. This site has a great variety of items for your bidding pleasure.

Free Auction Bids

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